26th BOCKFEST PARADE on Friday, March 2, 2018

Mustard Club will be marching in the Bockfest Parade, Friday, March 2. Our theme this year is "Bock Around the Clock" - a play on the 50s song, "Rock Around the Clock." 

We need YOU to come dressed in your best 50s sock hop attire. Think poodle skirts, saddle shoes, penny loafers, letter sweaters/jackets. Maybe you want to pick a character from Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, or American Graffiti and copy their look. Or maybe a soda jerk, car hop waitress, diner waitress. So many options - use your imagination!

Ebay has some letter sweaters at pretty reasonable prices. You can find a DIY version of saddle shoes you make from white canvas tennis shoes. Cappel's has a good-sized selection of 50s costume pieces, including poodle skirts, fake leather jackets, Greaser wigs, 50s cat-eye eyeglasses and more. 

LEARN THE DANCE MOVES:    Thursday 2/22 at Mecklenburg Gardens in the Bier Hall at 7pm

PARADE Line up Friday 3/2 at 5pm at Arnold's Bar & Grill.  Parade starts promptly at 6pm.