Mustard Club Challenge Coin

MC Challenge Coin.jpg

The challenge coin can be used to challenge each other to a round of drinks.

Rules and Etiquette

1.      A Coin Challenge is initiated by drawing your Mustard Club coin and firmly placing it on the bar/table/surface. (This should produce an audible noise that can be easily heard by those being challenged.)

2.      If the person(s) challenged fail to produce their coin in response, the challenge must be honored and beers/drinks must be purchased for the challenger and the group being challenged.

3.      If everyone who is challenged manages to produce a Mustard Club coin, or an affiliated B.I.E.R. coin, the initial challenger is on the hook to buy the drinks.

  • Coin Challenge can be called out anywhere and at any time.

  • Each person can only be challenged once per day.

  • If you lose your coin, you’re responsible to replace it as soon as you possibly can. Losing your coin doesn’t absolve you from responsibility to follow the rules,

  • These rules apply to anyone who’s known to own a coin, anyone who buys a coin, and anyone worthy to be given a coin.