As usual, our monthly ‘meeting‘ is on the second Saturday at Mecklenburg Gardens – and December is “Medal Month.”  Come share in the excellent German beverages and buffet, the gemütlichkeit, and a little competition!   

The Annual Beer Drinking Medal Competition, starts promptly at 10:45am (so get there early) outside in the Mecklenburg Biergarten.  It will take place, rain or shine.

You must be present to win. You MUST be a PAID Member of Mustard Club to participate and have your membership card to prove it.  You must finish a FULL beer (half liter or larger). First 125 members to do so get a medal.

Remember, for the Medals Competition, you need to have your membership card (that you were issued when you joined / renewed this year). THERE WILL BE NO MEMBERSHIP LIST AT THE MEETING. You MUST have your membership card in order to participate in the competition.


The last chance to purchase a membership for a given calendar year is at the October meeting.

Any size beer that is at least a half liter or larger may be used, but the participant must drink it all — in other words, if you get a Liter, you drink a Liter.  Participants may not take so much as a sip before 10:45, or they will have to get a fresh beer for the competition.

Participants should wear previous years’ medals to the Competition, so you can best determine which neck ribbon you need next.

ORDER OF NECK RIBBONS: Black, Red, or Gold ribbons will be distributed to any participant who does not already have all three. If you have all three colors, next is the special Tri-Color Ribbon. Should a participant have the tri-color ribbon from a previous year as well, the Händlmaier’s Freunden Cincinnati logo ribbon will then be awarded. If a participant is lucky enough to already have this ribbon as well, (meaning he/she has successfully completed every prior competition), the elite White Ribbon will be awarded, followed by the ultra-elite Blue Ribbon, then the blue-white ribbon, red-white ribbon, and finally the gold-black ribbon.   In 2016, in honor of our 10th anniversary, all winning participants were awarded a black bottle opener medal with grey ribbon.

rules 2017.jpg