The 2019 Händlmaier’s Mustard Club Cincinnati Officers:

1.Vorstand (President) – Ricky Perry

2.Vorstand (Vice President) – Dan Marks

Kassier (Treasurer) – Lenny Kuntz

Schriftführer (Secretary) – David Dalton

Delegierte (GACL Delegate) – Lana Morton

The 2019 Händlmaier’s Mustard Club Cincinnati Board:

1.Beisitzer (1st Advisor) – Pam Herrman

2.Beisitzer (2nd Advisor) –

3.Beisitzer (3rd Advisor) –  Ryan Preston

4.Beisitzer (4th Advisor) – Sarah Flischel

5.Beisitzer (5th Advisor) – Crystal Weddendorf

2019 Mustard club board members

2019 Mustard club board members

Vermächtnis (Legacy)

Der Pate (The Godfather) – Scott Scholz

Ehemaliger Vorstand (Past President) – Lana Morton

Ehemaliger Vorstand (Past Vice President) – David Plogman

Ehemaliger Kassierin (Past Treasurer) – Candy Shannon

Ehemaliger Schriftführerin (Past Secretary) – Tracie Berryhill

Ehemaliger Vorstand (Past President) – Chuck Dietz

Ehemaliger Schriftführer (Past Secretary) – Aaron Spetz

Ehemaliger Beisitzers – Jesse Hanford, Jim Weddendorf, Conan Crofoot, Danielle Kuntz, James Czar, Gerry Voellmecke, Paul Ketterer, Henry Newberry

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We’re always looking for new volunteers to help with the club.  Get involved!  Officer elections are held in November.
But even if you’re not interested in being an officer, we always need folks to help out with specific tasks or events.
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Starting at the October Club Meeting through the end of October, we accept nominations for the next year’s Mustard Club Officers.  To nominate yourself or another member, email us or see one of the current officers at the October meeting.

The elected officer positions include:

  • 1.Vorstand (First Officer, aka President)

  • 2.Vorstand (Second Officer, aka Vice-President)

  • Kassierin (Treasurer)

  • Schriftführerin (Secretary)

All nominees must be current Mustard Club members and should be able to attend the majority of Mustard Club meetings and events throughout the year.  A valid membership is required to nominate an officer or vote in our election, (it is also required to participate in our famous December beer medals competition, our favorite Mustard Club special event).  The last chance to purchase a membership for a given calendar year is at the October meeting.


Period: Elections shall commence at the beginning of the Club Meeting scheduled nearest the second Saturday of November and conclude fourteen days thereafter.

Submission: Ballots must be submitted electronically to the club elections email address by any paid member of the club.  At the conclusion of nominations, the club President shall appoint any two paid members of the club who are not seeking office to serve as the Election Board.

Confirmation of results: At the end of the election period, the Election Board shall compare results and release them immediately with all nominees.

Member notification of elections: The winners of the election shall be announced at the Club Meeting scheduled nearest the second Saturday of December.  An email shall be sent out with the names of the new officers on the Monday following the meeting.  The information shall also be announced on the Club’s website and Facebook page.



Vacant presidency: In the event of a vacant President position, the Vice President shall serve as Acting President.  In the event of vacant President and Vice President positions, the Secretary shall serve as Acting President.  In the event of vacant President, Vice President, and Secretary positions, the Treasurer shall serve as Acting President.  In the event of all elected officer positions being vacant, the club shall hold new elections as soon as possible.

Vacant elected officer positions: In the event of any of the four elected officer positions being vacant, the President or Acting President shall appoint any willing member of the club to the vacant position.  An Acting President may consider himself for the President position.

Appointed officer positions:  When all four elected officer positions have been filled, the four officers shall gather to appoint the other six appointed positions.  Any member of the club may be considered.  The officers shall vote on each candidate, with a majority of votes approving the candidate for the position.  In the event of a tie, the President’s vote becomes the tiebreaker.

The appointed officer positions include:

  • 1.Beisitzer (1st Advisor)

  • 2.Beisitzer (2nd Advisor)

  • 3.Beisitzer (3rd Advisor)

  • 4.Beisitzer (4th Advisor)

  • 5.Beisitzer (5th Advisor)

  • Delegierte (GACL Delegate)



The official election rules document shall be provided by the club President to each nominee at the time that he or she asks the nominee for acceptance of the nomination.

Each candidate shall be allowed two minutes to address the membership at the Club Meeting scheduled nearest the second Saturday of November.  In addition, each candidate will be allowed up to 100 words in a statement that shall be emailed to the club mailing list on the Monday following the club meeting scheduled nearest the second Saturday of November.  The text of these statements shall be posted on the club’s website and Facebook page.